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Friday Night is Pizza Night at Follow Your Heart! A review


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Friday Night is Pizza Night at Follow Your Heart! A review

Diana | Jul 8, 2006 05:14 AM

I just got back and OH MY GOODNESS!

For under $9, you can order a massive pizza with a choice of three toppings from a yummy list of veggie options. (each additional topping is fifty cents). You get a choice of three sauces, a marinara, an alfrado, and something called dairy free yeast sauce. You can choose real cheese, soy cheese, or vegan cheese (no rennet). You also get a soup or salad.

I ordered a pizza with the marinara and regualar cheese. For toppings, I chose garlic, red onions and eggplant. Then I got greedy and added olives, red onion, roasted peppers and fresh tomatoes.

The fiancee got marinara,garlic articoke hearts and basil.

We decided to split a mediterranian plate rather than have soup or salad.

The plate came out first, with falafel, cukes, tomatoes, red oions, hummous, tabouli and red cabbage. We also were served pita and tahini. The falafel was yummy and only very lightly seemed like no oil at all. The hummous was creamy, the tabouli fresh, and the veggies crisp. The pita was a bit dry, though.

I went to wash my hands, as the tahini had drizzled through a crack in my dry pita and a napkin couldn't help too much. I'd lick it off normally, but the people at the next table were staring.

When I got back, our pizzas were there. It was about the size of an open hardback book. the crust was what they called "deep dish", but was really just a nice, crisp crust. It looked like the corner of a large mega rectangular pizza, as the rolled part of the crust was along two sides. The cheese had been put over the toppings, something I prefer.

I tooka bite, and it was pure heaven. The sauce was delicious, the crust flavorful and chewey but yet crisp on the top (it was unbleached white flour mixed with whole wheat, and I think there was molasses in it.). The toppings were fresh and flavorful-a plus when you order a pizza in a place that sells and cooks with organic, fresh ingredients. The cheese was melty and delicious. The garlic was a great addition. I had to use a knife and fork, but I didn't mind

It was heaven. It was huge, but I couldn't help eating it all in one sitting. My fiancee loved his pizza, too.

You can get tofu italian sausage, tofu pepperoni or seasoned tofu, but no meat-of course. I think you can also have a pesto as a topping, as well. Also green peppers.

They have a medium crust pizza every day o the menu, but Friday night pizza night pizza is a totally different animal, or in this case, vegetable.

I almost hate to review it, because the Follow Your Heart cafe gets crowded enough already. To slow the hordes, I'll just let you find the address yourself if you don't already know it.

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