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JMacSeven3 | Feb 13, 201503:10 PM     2

Have been reading many posts about long time Fresno/Clovis standards, but thought I would append the list for those from out of town, as there are some under appreciated spots missing.

First the standard great places...Hunan (either location), Cracked Pepper Bistro, Trelio and the School House...all have gotten really stronger as the years have progressed.

Other fine places, IMHO, you cannot miss with.

Food Trucks @ Enzo's Table (formerly Bella Frutta) - Willow and Sheperd - Saturday and Sunday only, it varies from week to week but the usual standards are there...Dusty Buns Bistro, Benaddiction, Casa de Tamales (some of the best tamales you will ever have, promise), Crumb Catcher (decadent baked goods), TaKo BBQ Korean Fusion (a riff on LA's Kogi Korean Taco Truck) and others.

Armenian - AJ's Armenian Cuisine, on Shaw and Maroa - The standard for Armenian food...as close to home style as you can get...and a wide, wide variety of appetizers (mezza plate), not just hummus, but nice smokey eggplant, homemade cheeses, grape leaves, ajika (roasted red peppers), tabouleh and olives.

Their kebabs are outstanding as well, and their bulgur is the best preparation I've had. They use ENZO Olive Oil http://enzooliveoil.com/ which is another local gem, and testament to their commitment to quality. It would be easy to use a cheaper oil, not this award winning certified organic, estate grown variety.

Northern Italian - Parma - Shaw and Palm - It's a nice change of pace to get Italian food that is more of a northern influence. The owner is from Italy, as are all her kitchen staff. Risotto di Giuseppe Verdi is my favorite of their specialties, and their gnocchi are also outstanding.

California Comfort - LeLa's - Herndon and Marks - Ironically they are in the same spot occupied by Parma for many years. This is an interesting presentation of quality food, in volume. I've never quite been to a place that offers quality food, in large portions...they almost seem too large. The menu is seasonal, but I recommend the pork belly and pear appetizer, as well as the chorizo egg rolls if available.

Mexican - Taqueria Don Pepe - 3 locations - Any of the spicy shrimp offerings are well done...tacos, burritos or tortas. Al pastor is chock full of porky goodness. And if you like seafood, both the shrimp cocktail and ceviche are outstanding.

Peruvian - Limon - Friant and Fort Washington - The same family that owns Limon in San Francisco...their seafood offerings are outstanding...very authentic Peruvian ceviches...squid, octopus, shrimp, fish, etc. They also have a great beef presentation in the lomo saltado.

Ethopian - Lucy's Lair - Champlain and Perrin - Family style, fresh ingredients made by a family who is really proud of their heritage and it shows.

Casa de Tamales - Fig Garden Loop and mobile truck - They seem to have put a lot of emphasis on their mobile operation. Their tamales are outstanding, although some complain not traditional enough. They make their own masa, non-GMO, and vegan options. Their dessert tamales are insanely good..around the holiday time their pumpkin pie tamales are the best.

Sam's Italian Deli - Fresno and Clinton - Not the greatest part of town, but worth it. Seating outside so you can buy your food and eat there. To me their sandwiches are what they are known for...their best are the NY Style Pastrami, and Sam's Special add oil and vinegar but you cannot go wrong with anything really.

Happy Chowing!

Cracked Pepper Bistro
Trelio Restaurant
School House Restaurant & Tavern
AJ's Armenian Cuisine
ENZO Olive Oil Company
Lela's Pizzeria
Taqueria Don Pepe
Sam's Italian Deli & Market
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