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Fresh white truffles


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Fresh white truffles

Robert Lauriston | Nov 16, 2005 02:22 PM

Starting a new topic on this board rather than go off-topic on the SF Bay Area board (linked below).

Responding to:

"... we all felt like truffles are better (as much as the whole shaving thing was neat) infused in a butter, or oil of some kind. Shaving them gives you a brief whiff of truffle, but infusing them deepens and legthens the flavor."

Fresh white truffles (by which I mean Tuber magnatum Pico) shaved raw are the ultimate white-truffle experience. If you got only a brief whiff of truffle, they were not inferior or stale or both. (Which was ike exactly the experience I had last time I ordered fresh white truffles at Oliveto, five years ago.)

There's nothing you can do to fresh white truffles in a home or normally equipped restaurant kitchen to intensify or deepen their aroma. There are industrial tools that can create oils that are pretty intense (e.g. Tartufi Urbani's white truffle oil).

Apart from the heavenly aroma, what little flavor white truffles have isn't very interesting. For flavor, you want black truffles (by which I mean Tuber melanosporum Vitt); cooking brings out their flavor. Hence the common practice of combining black and white truffles.


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