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fresh herbs

dude | Sep 8, 2003 07:05 AM

One thing in my garden that our rainy summer has not messed with has been the herbs. My sage, thyme, basil, and mint have all been flourishing. I've been doing my best to consume them or even give some away to friends and family, but there's still a lot out there.
I figure that with the coming frosts, I don't have more than a few more weeks to leave the herbs on the stem, and that they'll eventually wither in the cold. (This is my first year with the garden, so if I've got anything wrong please sing out.)
What should I do? Should I just use my herbs fresh until they die or should I try to dry them to use in winter? If the Food Network has taught me anything (PBS too) it is that if you can use fresh herbs instead of dried, you should. Certainly I have no trouble finding fresh sage and/or thyme in my local markets in the middle of winter, though it is expensive.
What applications for dried herbs am I overlooking in my winter menu? Would I be squandering fantasmagorical opportunities if I don't dry out the excess?


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