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Fresh ham, redux!


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Fresh ham, redux!

k_r_nyc | Apr 6, 2009 10:03 PM

I'm making a fresh ham (bone in) for the first time and I have a couple of specific questions. I know that the topic of fresh ham has already been covered a bit here :


First off, most of the recipes I'm finding online from sources such as Epicurious, Saveur, etc., seem to give the same sort of guidelines - namely, roasting at 325 for 4-6 hours. The post above specifically mentions slow roasting for 10-12 hours at 200/225? Also, is it possible to glaze at such a temperature/cooking length? Is it possible to roast vegetables in the pan when cooking for that long?

Secondly, what do I need to do to the ham before roasting it? I assume I should not trim the fat if I'm going to be roasting it. I assume I should score/rub it, and then remove the fat at the end to make 'cracklings'? How does one remove the fat at the end, or is it relatively self-explanatory? ;) Is there any part of the ham that will need trimming/prep, or do I just score/rub it and pop that sucker in the oven?

Thank so much in advance for any advice!

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