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Fresh Fruit "Flower" Arrangement


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Fresh Fruit "Flower" Arrangement

TrishUntrapped | Jun 29, 2003 12:35 AM

I went to a party today(in Connecticut), and one of the guests brought something I have never seen before. The best way to describe it is "A faux vase of flowers made of fresh fruit." A very cute arrangement of fruits like strawberries(roses), pineapple slices with cantaloupe ball centers(daisies), grapes on skewers, and various watermelon and honeydew wedges arranged to look like leaves.

This may not be a new creation, but it was new to me. It was a big function and no one I spoke with knew who brought it. But I understand it was not homemade, that it was purchased either at a store or through a catalog.

Does anyone have any idea where one gets something like this? The fruit was excellent.

Thanks in advance,


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