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'fresh' fish and sushi

fkerm | Jul 22, 2003 01:34 PM

...inspired by a comment in a thread on the Manhattan board (see link): specifically " However, the best sushi restaurants in Japan uses mostly or only the local catch of the day fishes"


Now I may be mistaken - and hopefully someone will clairfy - but I don't think one would ever get fish in an NYC restaurant that has NOT been frozen. I know you see gasping victims in chinatown markets, (I don't know - i don't want to know) but at a real restaurant buying for a premium supplier wouldn't the fish be flash frozen?

I understand your point about local fish etc. but it seems that the size of the industry and the practices guarantee that the fish you eat today was caught, at best, yesterday.

I have seen the trucks start arriving at Fulton at 11:00PM, the market 'opens' at 4 - right? It seems to me that any fish one eats in a restaurant or from a monger has been out of the water for at least 24 hours. Once it is frozed it can be air shipped or trucked - doesn't matter I guess.

We ate at Tvier Fiskar in Reykjavik and the owner told/sold us about his fresh oysters flown from Ireland twice a week. My point being that from a health and business perspective, there is no 'catch of the day' anymore (freezing is a precaution against decay and bacteria - I believe)

I enjoyed my jewel bako experience way more than my broolyn blue ribbon experience but neither compared to my Kuruma Zushi experience where I had truly divine sweet shrimp and even as fresh as his stuff was I still can't think that it was any more local or fresher than anyone elses. Where would you get sweet shrimp that is 'local' to NYC?

I will cross post to "General Food" and hopefully branch the topic there.


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