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Fresh basil. I am perplexed.


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Fresh basil. I am perplexed.

MrsJonesey | Jun 19, 2013 05:46 PM

Usually I am so very careful with fresh basil to the point of not washing it until the last minute before I use it. Yesterday, I picked some lettuce for sandwiches and decided to nip a couple pieces of parsley and basil while I was in the garden. Came in, dumped the lot into a deep tub of cold salted water. Swished around, gave it a few minutes for the dirt and any possible bugs to settle to the bottom, then did a second rinse with fresh cold water. Blotted dry between paper towels and stored what I didn't use in a ziploc in the fridge. Today it occurred to me what I had done and expected to find black basil. Instead it is beautiful. Any idea why this worked so well? Is it a fluke or have I been needlessly babying my basil all this time?

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