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French hound coming to Seoul - Need a few insights


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French hound coming to Seoul - Need a few insights

Rio Yeti | Jun 23, 2014 08:23 AM

Hello to all,
I come from the French board. I come in peace. And I come hungry !

I will be in Seoul in August, and like most of my trips, it will be essentially focused on food (oh, and that little thing called ... art...). Being used to not trust food recs outside of Chowhound, I naturally turn to your knowledge for a little help.
I have researched this board, and realized that not many places are talked about, so I came up with a surprisingly short list, which probably means that for once in my life I will improvise my food itinerary more than I will plan it (which is not necessarily a bad thing).
But just to be sure, I come to you with my list of places, and a few questions.

-- Bong San Jib --
I plan on trying the Chadobaelgi and maybe the Doenjang-jigae.
Price : I couldn't find any information online about the price of this place... can anyone tell me how much it would be per person ?

-- Bon Pi Yang --
From what I understood, this is a chain ? I plan on trying the Mool Naeng Myun, and maybe some pork ribs.
Price : Around 30$ pp

-- Heukdonga --
Apparently the Hanjoengsal (pork neck) is a must... maybe some pork belly as well.
Price : Around 20$ pp

-- Budnamujip --
As per a recommendation on Chowhound, I plan on going at lunch and having their Galbitang, not their barbecue.
Price : Around 18$ pp

-- Gangnam Myun Oak --
Will go for the Galbijjim (braised beef ribs).
Price : Again, I couldn't find any info. Can someone give me an idea of the price ?

-- Sawhuleh Boleebap --
Bossam (steamed fatty pork) with barley bibimbap.
Price : No info found. Please help.

-- Mandoojip --
Price : Around 8$ pp

-- Junk Sik Dang --
Ok, here comes the tricky part... I'm not sure I want to go there. I have been to a few high-end restaurants in France, in Japan and in the USA. I have found Junk Sik Dang, because it is apparently one of the only high-end places in Seoul that actually does korean food... but do I really want to go there ? Will the experience be unique enough, or will it still feel like the same kind of modern refined cooking I could have eaten in Paris or elsewhere ?
And if you do think I should go, is the lunch worth it, or should I go to the more expensive dinner ? (for instance in Paris, some starred places have amazing values for lunch while other places seem to hold out and not give you a true feeling of their quality unless you pay the whole dinner tasting menu).
Price : Around 50$ pp (lunch). Around 80$ pp (dinner).

-- Sushiko --
Another dilemma... I live in Paris, and the sushi is... pretty bad. Even high-end places don't compare to the most mundane sushi in Tokyo.
Seoul is closer to Tokyo on the map... but does that mean that the sushi there is closer to the japanese quality ? I really miss good sushi... so I'd love to have some, but if you think the quality is not worth it, then I may accept the fact that I will have to go back to Japan to have good sushi.
Also I've heard of hwe, but it seems to be very different, and not really what I long for (not saying I will not try it though).
What do you think ?
Price : Around 50$ pp.

That's it !

So aside from the questions about prices, I would like to know if you find my choices well thought out ? Should I change a restaurant for another ? And apart from the obvious street food, and local joints where I will go most of the time, do you feel there is a particular korean food that is lacking in my list and I should try ?
And finally, a question from Mrs. Yeti... She is really sensitive to spicy food, and we plan on asking as much as possible for her dishes to "not be spicy"... Is there anything on my list where that will just not happen, and the food will definitely be spicy ? (in which case I will probably go alone).

Thank you very much for your help.
Can't wait to discover Seoul !
T. Tilash a.k.a. Rio Yeti

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