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Freezing Basil (or any herb) 3-methods (or more)?


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Freezing Basil (or any herb) 3-methods (or more)?

Rocky Road | Jul 12, 2009 05:07 PM

Hi All,

I've got a bunch of basil. I normally cook for one or two people and a lot of times I find my fresh herbs go bad because I just can't get them all in a dish in time. I've been researching ways to try to freeze them to save for later. I've seen three methods (but maybe there are more?):

---Put in ice cube trays with water & cover & freeze
---Put in any container with oil & cover & freeze
---Put the leaves in a jar (no water, no oil) & cover & freeze

If possible, I'm looking for the best way that they would retain as much of their original texture and taste as possible. I understand that there may be no way to preserve them for...let's say a salad, but for cooking maybe?

Interested in other herbs too, not just basil, and your experiences.

I've got a couple of ice cube trays with lids and canning jars, so I'll do the experimenting but would like to limit the waste if I can get the best method right away.


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