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Freezer purge

noodlepoodle | Apr 3, 201207:14 PM

This week I'm eating strictly from the freezer. It's time. Today I defrosted the lamb I had in there for a few months and made lamb stew. I had some frozen chunks of cooked turnip in there and thought that might be good in the stew. They were spongy and a bit weird, so I chucked them. Tomorrow it's going to be slow cooked cassoulet with defrosted turkey legs and some sausages I had in there. I found some little containers of basil pesto from last summer's garden. Not sure if those are still good. A box of mixed vegetables (hope they're not too frosty to use). There's a container of cut up apples in there from last fall ready for a pie, some frozen meatballs, tortilla soup from a too large recipe I made last month, little containers of broth, on and on and on.

One half of my fridge is a freezer, so it's not so bad that it's totally unmanageable,although some things get overlooked. I can't even imagine a great big freezer to deal with. Anyone out there have a regular system of using up what's in there. I'm always tempted to buy fresh when I shop and cook that leaving the freezer as an afterthought.

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