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Frankenstein chicken beast breasts

luckyfatima | Oct 19, 201110:24 AM


This BBC news video has been making its way around the internets. Just in case you don't have time to watch the video, the gist is this:

In the UK, multi-needle water injections are used to plump up supermarket chicken breasts. Protein powder is added to the breasts to seal the water inside of the chicken breast.

It turns out that some protein powder suppliers have sold powder labeled as chicken based but which actually contains mammalian proteins like beef or pork. Obviously this has ethical implications in terms of product mislabeling and deception, but also brings up cultural and religious concerns since beef and pork are not acceptable meats for all consumers. Not to mention that it is just icky and gross, sort of a frankenstein water filled mixed animal protein beast breast...why couldn't it just be a thin, water free, natural breast? Are chicken breasts really so much more visually appealing when filled with water, and is this about getting consumers to pay more less per pound?

I find that chicken which throws off a lot of water when cooking (which I guess means it must have been injected) is pretty flavorless.

I am just curious...does anyone know if supermarket chicken in the US is processed in the same way as shown in this video on the UK? If so, I wonder if the mammalian protein powders are used on it and chicken breast like this is being sold to us here, too.

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