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The most fragrant, sweetest, juiciest melons on the planet at amazing prices - 3 for $5 - The Peach Farm

rworange | Aug 26, 200609:34 PM     3

The Peach Farm sells SUNDAY at the Marin farmers market. Do NOT miss these melons !!!

They also sell Saturday at Ferry Plaza, El Cerrito (Saturday & Tuesday) and Novato (not sure the day).

I got one of each of the five types of melons: Ogen, Ambrosia, Pink Honey dew and a Canary melon the color of Tweetie Bird. I forgot the other variety.

These melons are fat and heavy for their size and you could practically shake them and feel juice sloshing around inside. When I opened the trunk of the car, the frangrant melon scent perfumed the air. The kitchen smells really lovely too.

The ogen melon ... the knife cut through it like butter and parts of the skin just pealed off without even needing a knife. The intense melony sweetess was incredible.


I agree with this site that says:

"Ogen melons have a taste that rivals almost any other melon available; a very rich, aromatic and nearly captivating sweetness"

They will probably have the Granny Smith tomatoes I liked so much next week. I was gushing about them and the vendor said he forgot to bring them this week but would next week.

The pretty striped tomato I liked so much last time is called Vintage wine. There were these great finger-shaped yellow tomatoes ... something Italian ... which have a different type of non-tomato taste, a little like the Granny Smith. They had long red san marcos tomatoes and at least a dozen different other varieties.

There were bright red joyful-looking gypsy peppers too. This is my favorite stand of the summer season.

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The Peach Farm - 120 varieties of tomatoes - Ferry Plaza, San Rafael, El Cerrito & Novato farmers markets

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