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Foulest flavours...

montrealeater | Mar 3, 2012 12:37 PM

Is there any flavour that can actually make you physically sick? Something you couldn't choke (or keep) down even if you were paid? I'm mostly wondering about common/everyday things, not exotic stuff that many people would find nasty (balut, for example).

For me:

- marzipan - I love almonds and almond flavour in many things, but the combination of the almond and the sweetness of marzipan makes me gag. I could not swallow this.

- green or red cough medicine - I would lvoe to know the ingredient that makes this so, so awful - this is, with marzipan, i think the only flavour I have experienced in my life that will make me vomit

- cilantro - if I hardly chew at all and swallow it quick, I can handle this, but the taste lingers in the mouth and if I eat too much or let it stay there for too long, I get the gags

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