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New to forums but tried some recommended places...

SAgosto | Jan 5, 200811:46 PM


I am new to the forums and just moved from Albany, NY to Bronxville/Yonkers area in Westchester, NY. I been here about 4-5 months and starting to venture out and try new places but still haven't found my "places" yet. Back in Albany, I had a favorite chinese, italian, etc.. and it was easy. If it was up to me, I could go back to those places over and over again, I guess I just dislike change. My GF is not like that at all so I am forced (A good thing actually) to try new things. However, around here, I just can't find anything I really like. To be honest, I do not mind spending the money on food if I feel I am getting value for my $$$. For example, Johnny's Pizza in Mt Vernon made me sick to my stomach when I got the bill. However, I had no problem forking out plenty for Dinosaur BBQ as it was amazing. For reference, we are Italian so I am bias. :)

I use this forum alot for research but have been disappointed in my ways. Here's my review.

Pizza -> Louie's & Johnny's Pizza Cafe on Central Ave in Yonkers
Excellent sicilian but not thrilled with their regular slices. To be fair, I got them right off the counter but who knows how long they been sitting.

Johnny in Mt Vernon
Absolute rape. We arrived at 8:30 and left near 10:30 for a pizza and two salads? Also, on what planet does a bowl of salad and kraft dressing equal $6? The pizza wasn't bad but if they plan to charge me $40 for two salads, one beer, and a large pizza with 1 topping, then I should not be eating on a crappy plastic plate. The pizza was pretty good but for $15 or $16 with 1 topping (which was a horrible sausage) is a horrible deal. Also, the service was extremely slow. For that dough, I'll go to Grimaldi's and have fresh basil. :)

I miss my Marino's Flying Pizza in Schenectady, NY soo bad. :(

Chinese - Anywhere? It's all been good. Better than Albany, NY by far.

Italian -> Valentino's on Bronx River Road
Pretty good. My GF loved this place. I prefer my Villa Valenti outside Albany, NY for HUGE portions and very garlicky sauce but I can understand why people like this. REALLY cramped which I did not like. The man at the door opening/closing in the cold winter was a nice touch. :) Overall, a bit pricey but worth the money given the other choices. Olive Oil/Bread at the table is key. Glad someone figured that out

Steak -> Ye Old Toll Gate Steakhouse
Went there on New Years Eve. I am a big steak fan. I alwyas wanted dry aged. Very pricey. My GF has eaten at Shulas, Ruth Chris, etc.. but this is her favorite. Personally? I hated it. I got the Steak for 1 which I thought was a Porterhouse but it came without filet? Mozza/Tomato/Basil with no basil and very limited olive oil? No thanks. $37.50 for *8* (I counted) slices of beef is ridiculous too. Also, note to the waiter who tried to pour "sauce" on my beef. That's not "sauce", that's "fat". No thanks either. Sorry, I am not happy about a $150 bill for that meal. I just didn't like it.

Wings - Lazy Boy Saloon
Ah. How was these the best wings? I really cannot understand that at all yet people on here say so, some award says so, the people eating them in front of me seem to enjoy? They must purposely try and find the smallest wings possible. Are those chickens or pigeons? I'm trying to be honest here.

The burgers are very good. $10 for a burger/fries of that quality is well worth it. I like my burger rare and they actually cook it rare. Excellent size all around. The beer? What can I say, it's amazing. I am sketchy about trying the other kinds as I am sure there is soo many that its probably a tad old but the Brooklyn IPA is always good. :)

Burgers - Piper's Kilt
Perfect burger without glitz/glamor. Get the one bacon/cheddar. Prices seems very fair. Personally, I prefer the selection at Lazy Boy Saloon but this place isn't bad at all.

BBQ - Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, NYC
What can I say? Amazing. The best wings ever. Period. Hands down. I could eat there like a fat kid the rest of my life. Awesome ribs. Thinkin about that place makes me happy. Sad eh?

Blue Smoke - East side, NYC
AMAZING pulled pork. Love the beer too. Not my choice but it was fantastic buy for $17 a plate. Really excited about that place.

Q - Forget the name of the town but up near CT.
Pretty good. $3 for ice tea in a jar is terrible. Excellent brisket. A bit overpriced but the food is definately better than average. The area was sketchy to me but that was just after I moved here and wasn't too comfy with the area. I'd drive to Dinosaur BBQ before I go back but it's definately doable.

Ice Cream - Here's The Scoop in Bronxville.
A tad pricey but friggin awsome ice cream. Oreo bomb is the wifey's favorite and I like the Mud pie. It's REALLY rich so don't get a lot of it.

Also, shout out to Stew Leonards. That place is like crack. Amazing.

Thanks for listening. :)

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