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Lately I have been thinking about my cookware and how I may start looking for something new. I am a big fan of "fine" things and how I tend to purchase based on how something makes me feel when I use it. Examples would be fountain pens and cars. I carry with me a 60 year old Parker 51 fountain pen nearly all the time. I love writing with it. I have had it reconditioned 4 or 5 times in the 15 years that I have owned it and the lifetime cost is probably over $500 at this point. I realize that it is absurd but I love it and I love how I feel when I write with it.

It occurred to me that this may or may not apply to everyone and have read some really fun and spirited discussions on here about the love of cooking and the wares that we use to do it.

So I would like to know from you, what guides your choices for your wares? How much is guided by budget? How much is form? How much is function? I've been pretty budget minded about cookware in the past (middle of the road Calphalon) but I have been cooking a lot more in the last year. If budget wasn't a concern, I am not even sure what I would buy. I would like to think there is something out there that would feel the same when I cook as I do when I write with my Parker. Thoughts?

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