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(Our trip is still months away, so this is probably premature...but I bought the plane tickets, we have an apartment booked, and I'm getting more and more excited as the details fall into place...so indulge me...)

My sweetheart and I are planning a 3-week trip to France in May-June--the first time ever for both of us (so, alas, tourism will be committed; sorry about that). Jody has always wanted to go to Paris; I was never that interested until I started actually planning the trip, at which point I became obsessive about it.

The basic plan is 12 days in Paris, in an apartment with kitchen on the Rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique; then 4 days in Brittany (but that, I think, is a separate thread). While in Paris we'll have full meals out maybe every other day, give or take (also a separate thread). The rest of the time we plan to be like the rugged pioneers, living off the land....

So what I picture is going out early to do some shopping (the marché[1], boulangerie, maybe fromagerie and/or charcuterie) before returning to the apartment to wake Jody with coffee and croissants. Lunch is al fresco, weather permitting[2], with baguettes and cheese and fruit. For dinner, we aren't planning to do a lot of serious cooking (Thing One, we don't know how well-equipped the kitchen is; Thing Two, vacation); I imagine we'll probably go for something like rotisserie chicken & potatoes, e.g., and steam some asparagus or artichokes or other tasty vegetables.

Such hardship...but we will endeavor to be strong, and endure it.

So what I'm looking for here are a) Paris-savvy Chowhounds' favorite[3] places to buy the essentials[4] (including croissants, baguettes, pastries, cheese, rotisserie chicken, vin ordinaire, coffee beans, oysters, pâté & charcuterie, or anything else that hasn't occurred to me but would make our stay more delicious), within easy walking distance (a kilometer or so) of our apartment[5]; and b) any other advice, specific or general, on how to make the most of our non-restaurant dining. (Other suggestions for simple dinners, for example, would be particularly helpful.)

And by the way, "favorite" can be based on factors other than simply the quality of the product; a place could be favorite because the owner is particularly friendly or knowledgeable, or because it has a beautiful interior, or any number of other reasons. Any consideration that influences your opinion is likely to be a consideration for me as well.

Thank you all in advance...and while I haven't the facility that many of you have for writing about food, I will of course write a full report (to the best of my limited abilities) on all of our culinary adventures.

[1]Thanks to parigi for this helpful link: http://www.consommer-local.fr/calendr...

[2]Perhaps in one of the locations in this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9756...

[3]Note careful avoidance of the 'b' word.

[4]Obviously part of the joy of travel is discovering for oneself where to find the necessities of life, and I plan to do my share of exploring (and have come up with a very preliminary list of places[6] to start with). On the other hand, if Paris-savvy 'hounds can recommend particular places to pick up said necessities, then that's potentially a significant quality-of-trip improvement.

[5]Which is not to say that I won't be doing any food shopping elsewhere (definitely hitting the Marché d'Aligre, for example). But here I want to focus on places close enough to make a part of my daily routine.

[6]Coffee beans: Brulerie Maubert (anyone have experience with this one?)
Boulangerie: Eric Kayser, Le Boulanger de Monge, La Parisienne, Boulangerie L'Essentiel Mouffetard
Fromagerie: Laurent Dubois, cheesemongers at Marché Monge
Charcuterie: Pierre Oteiza
Inexpensive but drinkable wine: is Nicolas my best bet for this? Or even Monoprix?
Patisserie: Pâtisserie du Panthéon

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