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Footer is displayed in the middle of the page

hbg1 | Mar 29, 201210:12 AM

Often when I open a thread, or view a board, the footer (4 gray boxes) is displayed in the middle of the page, on top of the listings or posts. Refreshing the page fixes the problem, but this makes using the site difficult, as the page contents change when I refresh -- either it will display different listings, especially if I opened that window earlier, or else it will un-collapse the replies I've already read (depending on where in the chowhound site I am).

I usually view the site by opening links in a new tab, and then reading those tabs, so I don't always know until sometime later that the page had a problem. I have not noticed a pattern of when this happens. I would say it is about 1/4 to 1/3 of the time. I am using Vista, IE7 (at work, can't upgrade or use a different browser).

I searched for "footer" in the archives and did not find anything relevant.

Thank you.

(Please remove this post if this was not the appropriate place to report this issue.)

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