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Foods that taste like soap?

Elster | Sep 17, 2012 01:37 AM

There's a big ol' hoo-haa going on at my parents' house at the moment as my dad has just invented a recipe for salmon with lemon thyme which he loves so much that he makes it all the time. The only problem: my mum has always secretly hated lemon thyme because she thinks it tastes like soap, and now this fact has become public. I can see where she's coming from - it does have that detergenty, toilet-cleaner edge to it, just like lemon balm which she also hates. I know lots of people find coriander/cilantro soapy in flavour, and some even say that rosemary tastes soapy, but I adore both of these and use them all the time :S

SO: what are good ways to make the best of these herbs without the soap flavour dominating? Are there any terrible combinations to put them in where the soap flavour is actually emphasised? And are there any other ingredients that taste soapy or off to you that I haven't yet come across?

p.s. a lot of people also think elderflower tastes like cat pee. I agree with this - having two cats I can concede that it sure does - but I still love elderflower. Don't judge me. Thoughts?

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