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foods you didn't realize might have HFCS


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foods you didn't realize might have HFCS

Ruth Lafler | Mar 16, 2007 11:38 AM

I've been counting calories recently, so I fished out the bottle of seasoned rice vinegar that's been languishing for years in my desk. I checked the calorie count, and it was higher than I expected (not high, just not as low as I expected), so I looked at the ingredient list, and it contains HFCS! Since I'm trying to avoid HFCS (almost as much for political and philosophical reasons as health reasons), when I was at the supermarket later that day I looked at a couple of other brands. One also had HFCS but the other had sugar, so I bought it to replace the HFCS brand (the "good" brand was Marukan; the "bad" brand was Nakano).

Once again, it pays to read the labels! Any other label reading surprises recently?

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