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Foods you have a mental block on?


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Foods you have a mental block on?

Erika | Oct 29, 2003 08:45 AM

Following up on the guilty pleasures thread-- does anyone have a food they _can't_ eat, not because the food is inherently bad, but because of bad memories associated with eating that food? Something that just gets your gag reflex going?

For me it's bean and bacon soup (a vicious "you're not leaving the table until you finish it!" fight), steak-ums and hamburger-- but only at home. We couldn't afford real meat when I was a kid, so that was all we ate, and to this day, the smell of hamburger grease in the house gets my gag on. I can, however, eat a hamburger if I'm at a restaurant.

I've got a friend who can't eat graham crackers because it was the only snack her mean grandmother ever served.

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