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Whole Foods made me go ick!

Diana | May 19, 200808:13 AM

So Saturday, I was on my own, and decided to make it a good day of fun and health. Hit up the Ed Hardy Sale looking for a t-shirt with a bulldog on it for a reasonable price. Scored! Found a new "Massage Envy" and got the "introductory $39 hour massage". Oh yeah. I even went to "Color Me Mine" and spent an hour or two at "craft time", just for fun.

Drive to the Wole Foods in Woodland HIlls, hoping they have something good for dinner. Picked up some things from the Olive Bar, but nothing at the deli, salad bar, hot foods bar or anything piqued my interest.

Knowing different branches have different stuff, I went to the Sherman oaks on on Sepulveda, which is on my way home, anyhow.

The hot bar was disappointing. I keep looking for those chick pea fries to no avail. I wandered around,, picking up a small thing of Butternut squash soup, and eventually settled on a "egglplant Feta roll" for a small app, and one of the burritos from the relatively new "burrito bar".

I should have known better, I guess, as the beans looked kinda tired, but the girl stirred them up and they looked good. Besides, beans cooked all day can be fabuous, right?

I asked for both black and pinto beans, and got my "choice of veggie" by asking for grilled veggies. The kid WIEGHED them, and gave me one piece of yellow zucchini. She was going to give me half a coin of eggplant, but I sort of said it was silly, so she was super duper generous and gave me the whole thing. I asked for rice, salsa, sour cream, cheese, cilantro, onion and guacamole. "Guacamole is a $1 extra" she announced. I said "well, OK, make it a dollar's worth!" and watched in amazement as she put on about a teaspoon full. She refused to put on more.

She sort of rolled it up, asked me if I wanted it grilled (no, I did not) and handed it over wrapped in foil and paper. I paid $6 for it. It looked big, but I was still sorta miffed about the guac shrotage, so I went and got an avocade which had plenty of goodness in it for less than a $1 a teaspoon.

Got that burrito home, heated up the feta thing, poured a little soup and a glass of good wine and sat to chow in front of the TV. Ick. The soup had NO flavor, not even of butternut. Really, someone had decided that seasoning was an art beyond thier grasp. Tried the feta thing. Again, no seasoning, and the cheese was obviously insalted. Ugh.

Perhaps the burrito would save me. Oh god, the beans were cold, insipid, and flavorless. Was there cheese? I think she forgot it. Salsa? Cilantro? I saw her put it on! I turned on the oven, opened the burrito, put on a litte Vallarta "FUD Queso Fresco" and some hot sauce. I warmed it, hoping that would help. Nope. It was just a large wad of bland grossness. It sorta looked like vomit, but vomit has more flavor.

I tried some of it on the dog, who eats just about anything. No way, Jose!

Eew. Everything went into the trash-the soup, the feta roll, the burrito.

What a waste!

The central office is right don the block from me. I feel like going in there and raising hell.

Whole Foods? Holy Crap. I expected, and have had, WAYYY better from them. Next time, maybe I'll go to Pasadena, or do what I was thinking of doing, and go somewhere else entirely.

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