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Whole Foods Fremont now open - Wed 9/25/13


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Whole Foods Fremont now open - Wed 9/25/13

hhc | Sep 25, 2013 10:16 PM

Whole Foods Fremont now open. It's a bit far from the freeway, you gotta drive about 20 minutes after exiting to get here.

Got there a bit after 7am standing in line for the free goodie bag to the first 250 ppl. The first people got there at 4am, they are hard core. After getting my number got to walk around & waited in the car a bit. Numbers were given out about 8am, so people after 8am probably couldn't get it.

Bread breaking, speeches from WF & Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison, we all crowded & people pushed & shoved to get into the store after 10am.

Lots of stuff to look at:

Bakery - a 4/pk of cupcakes is on sale for $1.99 - I need to get some. Breads are made in house. I need to buy some think they were $5.99.
Bulk cookies $9.99/lb
Salad bar $8.49/lb
Pizza: 2 slices for $5; calzones $4.99; pigs in a blanket $3.99; knots $1.99ea; whole pizza start at $13
Sandwiches start at $7 - I like the local names for the sandwiches:
Alameda Creek
Niles Canyon
Mission Peak
Lk Elizabeth
The Mowry
Mayor Bill Harrison likes The Mission Peak Sandwich

Olive bar $9.99/lb

Mexican station/Dosa Station/ Wok Station

Tap Alley - can get local beer to drink

Saw some candy - Poco Dolce made in SF! Yay!

They have a Wine Well to chill your wine hecka fast.

Sale Amy's Frozen Entree Bowls 2 for $6 - I need to try them all!

Sale Atlantic salmon whole or half $4.99/lb, reg $10.99/lb

Ca. Organic Keitt Mangoes on sale 3 for $10, only available for 6 wks.

There's a Coffee, Tea, Juice, Smoothie Bar - I need to check out next time.

Dave's Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce on sale $6.59/ reg $7.69. need to get it.

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer 4pk $5.19 - yum!

Rest rooms - Left side front of store in the Tap Alley area. Women's 3 stalls. Sinks are communal outside the restrooms.

Tons more stuff I didn't check to see. Will be back soon!

Bring your own bag get 5c Credit!

Hrs: 8am-9pm

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