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Whole Foods corned beef disappointment


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Whole Foods corned beef disappointment

judybird | Mar 20, 2005 07:39 PM

We bought a corned beef at Whole Paycheck to have the day after St. Patrick's, and it was one of the worst pieces of meat I've ever had. About 1/3 of it was fat, and it had a very odd, hot taste - like the heat of peppers but with no flavor, just irritating on the tongue.

Okay, bad things happen, and we've been satisfied with their meat in the past but their attitude was totally unacceptable. My husband returned to the store the next morning, stated the complaint and asked to speak to the manager. The clerk said that the manager was very busy and couldn't come out to the Customer Service desk. When he insisted, she phoned the manager, and told her that a customer was waiting. The manager refused to come out front, but asked what the problem was. When the clerk told her, the response was "We sold a lot of those, and nobody else complained".

She did agree to refund the cost, but never came out to speak to him in person, or even offered an apology. He wasn't looking for groveling, but a courteous response would have been appreciated.

So now I'm curious - has anyone else had a Whole Foods corned beef lately, and if so, how was it? BTW, we went to Trader Joe's yesterday and bought a Niman Ranch corned beef. Cooked it last night - it was delicious, and about 1/3 less expensive.

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