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New foods that adolescents will eat


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New foods that adolescents will eat

fladd | Jul 20, 2003 11:23 PM

I am a middle school teacher. We are instituting a new program in the Middle School to introduce kids 10-14 years old to new, healthy foods. The idea is that once a month, I will be going around to each classroom and exposing the students to some sort of healthy food that they haven't encountered much in their small, rural New Hampshire town. It is estimated that a child needs to be exposed to a new food as many as 20 times before they accept it, so I'm not expecting this to turn huge numbers of kids around, diet-wise, but it will be a little more exposure that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Here is our list of foods we want to try so far:

Sushi (something relatively non-threatening, like cucumber maki)
Passion Fruit

Any other suggestions? It can't be REALLY wild, but I'd like them to experience something that you can't find at McDonalds or Mr. Mike's. It should be healthy and (this is my personal prejudice) preferably vegetarian.

Thank you very much.

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