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foodie vs. liking to eat... long


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foodie vs. liking to eat... long

megan | May 2, 2005 01:57 PM

my best friend and I often like to joke that I can not really be considered a foodie because I loathe and despise mushrooms. and that she could never really be considered a foodie because she doesn't like fish of any sort.. all that aside, we do consider ourselves foodies because we love to eat food, talk about food, plan day trips, vacations, etc. around trying different kinds of foods, cheese, wine, produce, etc. etc. etc. where the enjoyment is not only in the ultimate act of partaking of some meal.. but in the planning and debating before hand, and the analyzing and enjoyment during and afterwards. e.g. may take a week to figure out where we're having lunch on sunday afternoon. and we regularly wax nostalgic about incredible meals we may have eaten 5-10+ years ago.

(don't worry.. we do manage to hold down jobs and enjoy regular family life in addition to our food obsession)

in contrast to this, would be someone who just likes to eat. i have another friend who just loves to eat, period. As such, we have spent many enjoyable times dining together ... the only thing is that while she will eat and enjoy food at a nice restaurant, she will be equally happy at applebees or the olive garden. which for me is somewhere i eat once or twice a year when I am out with my elderly grandparents for a "nice" lunch after church... My friend an I often trade restaurant tips with eachother... and alternatively, her picks are either just so-so or really great... but you never can tell.

so my question to you chowhounds, is what do you consider a true foodie?

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