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Foodie Bumperstickers

Carolyn Tillie | Nov 6, 2001 01:18 AM

Okay, in a previous post on eating meat, I told of a bumper sticker I own:

"Red meat is not bad for you; Green, fuzzy meat is bad for you."

Well, when I became game-meat-obsessed, my Venison supplier (a nice, queer hunter who lives in Nebraska and sends me his excess kill), sent me a whole set:

"Support Cannibalism. Eat Me!"

"Braise the Lord - 450 degrees for 90 minutes. Add Veggies. Season to taste."

"If I wanted your opinion, I'd read your entrails."

"Everything I know I learned by killing smart people and eating their brains!"

No - none of them are actually stuck on my car. I told the guy I would need a '54 Red Ford Truck with gun rack to put these on... He's thinking about it.

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