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Food as Works of Art


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Food as Works of Art

Pamela | Jul 2, 2006 11:40 PM

In the thread on “Best Vegetarian Product/Dish/Restaurant that Adequately Imitates Meat,” MollyGee, a vegetarian, mentioned that she had eaten at a Buddhist temple in China and had ordered a vegetarian “fish” that looked remarkably like a real fish. She indicated that the vegetarian fish had “scales,” an “eye,” and even “bones” (the latter made out of toothpicks). It sounded like the most amazing creation. The taste, though, may be a different story. She recalled that it didn’t taste very fish-like.

I am always so amazed when cooks can transform food into works of art and, specifically, into real-life objects. I marvel at the creativity and the artistry that goes into transforming the food into pieces of art.

Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Redmond, Washington makes these positively incredible cakes. I’ve really never seen anything like them. I’ve not tried one yet, so I’m not sure how they taste, but the cakes are truly unlike ones I have ever seen. They’re so beautiful and so life-like, I’d almost be afraid to cut into one, for fear of destroying the art.

The cakes are quite pricy, though, which I would expect, given that the cakes are three-dimensional and custom-made. I once inquired about some of the details of constructing the cake, and also asked about the shipping. The cost of shipping is alarming--even more expensive than the cake, but given how complex and fragile the cakes are, I’m sure they try their best to ship them as carefully as possible. See some of the amazing cakes for yourselves:

Does anyone else know of any other food that has been, or can be, transformed into real-life objects?

Another example that pops into my mind is the scene in the 80’s film “Splash,” where Darryl Hannah is trying her first lobster. Darryl is a real-life vegetarian, so for the restaurant scene they had to construct a lobster that was made out of potatoes for her. They did an amazing job, because the lobster sure looked real to me.

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