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Food at wakes

EM23 | Apr 5, 2013 12:01 PM

This week started with a phone call telling of the death of a distant family member, and right then I knew that baked ziti and Chicken Francese were in my immediate future. These two dishes make an appearance at every wake-break I attend, and this week was no exception. In addition, there was Chicken parm, penne alla vodka, cold cuts, rolls, green salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, mixed olives, and a lot of liquor. And rainbow cookies and coffee for dessert.
At the wake-break, I sat down with my plate of food next to my niece, and I was telling her that I didn’t see the Chicken Francese at first, only the parm, and almost fainted at the thought of no Francese. We agreed that a wake-break without ziti and Chicken Francese would be no way to honor the dead, who BTW, loved his baked ziti. So we started comparing some of the foods that we have had at other wakes – southern bbq at a wake where the family was from South Carolina, an Irish chicken curry and boiled bacon, cabbage and potatoes after the service for one of my aunts in London, curried goat and rice after a Jamaican co-worker’s service. This has left me very curious, and hungry -- what do you and yours typically eat around wakes and funerals?
ETA: I live on Long Island, NY.

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