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Food TV Judges' Etiquette

nemo | Jun 5, 2008 11:18 AM

Is anyone else perturbed by the unappetizing way TV judges practically lie in their plates of food, and with both forearms on the table, bob their heads down to the plate and shovel something into their mouths? I was taught to bring the fork up to my mouth. None of my friends eats this way. I mean, we all sit casually, and sometimes non-fork wrist is on the table, but we don't hunch inches over the plate and find the shortest distance from fork to mouth. I understand getting a whiff of the aroma of a dish and seeing what's going on, but
sit up and then eat.

Also, what's the deal with putting a fork in ones mouth and scraping the food off between your teeth? I was taught to close your lips around the fork. I always thought the scraping thing was so TV folks wouldn't ruin their lipstick if they were just taking a bite of something from a guest chef on Today or Good Morning America or whatever, but I'm seeing it mainstreamed, as though it's seen now as the proper way.

Hey, if it's a BBQ or crab boil at home, put your elbows on the table and let the juice run down to your elbows! If it's dinner at my house, even if I'm using the good china, wear jeans, be comfortable.

I'm talking Top Chef and Iron Chef judges and guest judges, restaurant critics, restaurant owners, professionals in highly touted specials.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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