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FOOD TV Canada - "Fresh" with Anna Olson

miss_bennet | Mar 30, 200805:18 PM

I've seen commercials for Anna Olson's new show, and it seemed like it could be good: simple, fresh, locally-produced food.

Well, I caught the tail end of it today ("French Bistro") and I didn't think it was half bad. She made green beans with grapefruit, creme fraiche mashed potatoes, plum clafouti, turkey escalope and frisee salad with baked cheese.

I saw the part on the salad, and the turkey. Both seemed to be pretty simple, easy-to-replicate recipes, except I didn't hear any amounts given. She then served the meal to a man who I presume was her husband and a couple.

Overall, this seemed to be food porn. While the dishes she made looked delicious, I don't think there was enough educational value. (Example 1: she served the dessert, and there was a camera shot of her putting some sort of ice cream on it, then drizzling it with syrupy stuff. Was the syrup heated? Was it honey? Why was there no voice-over with instructions? Example 2: when she served the salad, she said "I'll go check on the cheese." Instead of showing a shot in the kitchen where she says something like "You should look for slight bubbling and golden colour," they keep a shot of the dining room.) In the kitchen, the camera was always shooting from the side, and she had to turn her head 90 degrees to look at it. It seemed awkward. In the dining room, there were extreme close-ups of her friends eating (they must like her a lot) and stilted conversation. I compared it directly to Ricardo, who always describes the final touches for dessert etc. as he does it, and who rarely shows non-food related conversation.

I hope the show works out these kinks, because that food looked simple and so good! But I just don't think I can watch it if it continues to have strange camera angles, and weird editing.

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