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The food at Starbucks-Yay or Nay?


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The food at Starbucks-Yay or Nay?

schrutefarms | Jul 3, 2009 02:32 PM

I vote yay. I think the sandwiches are pretty good, the last one I had was the proccuito/ricotta. Very salty, but I like salt. I got very happy yesterday, went I stopped by Starbucks and discovered that my beloved Chop-Chop pasta salad was back-I had sorely missed it. It's under a different name, but still the same salad. That's the only thing I don't like-they discontinue a lot of stuff. I still miss the lowfat turkey and watercress with carmelized onion spread. And I look forward to the holidays, because of Grandmas Thanksgiving sandwich and the Cranberry Bliss bar. Their pasteries are hit or miss-I love the lowfat apricot/blueberry muffin, but did not like the rasberry sunrise muffin at all. They also used to have the apple slices with peanut butter, haven't seen that in a while, but it was good.

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