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Best food in South of San Francisco – Markets (produce, cheese, meat, fish, bakeries, coffee etc)


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Best food in South of San Francisco – Markets (produce, cheese, meat, fish, bakeries, coffee etc)

rworange | Jul 20, 2006 09:27 PM

This isn’t meant to be comprehensive or list every shop in the area ... only the best.

This is not my neck of the woods. I hope others will contribute.

If there isn’t a website, I listed a Chowhound report with the address. A newspaper article is the link if there were no Chowhound reports. Searching Chowhound will result in good tips for many of these shops.

I’ll update periodically with the suggestions in this topic noting additions with an edit comment at the end of this post.

I keep this list for my own info, so I don’t have to keep googling for websites. I would ask people NOT link to this in the future when questions about the best market, bakery, etc. are asked on the board.

Things change and it might discourage some great new hint. After a few days when a topic has run its course, then it's ok to link to this post as supplemental info, if anyone wants to.


Aki's Bakery (guava cake) - San Jose
Bijan Bakery, San Jose:
Dick's Bakery (Burnt-almond cake - San Jose
Fleur de Cocoa (pastries, croissants, chocolates) - Los Gatos
Greenlee's Bakery (cinnamon bread) - San JOse
La Patisserie, Cupertino
Shuei-Do Manju Shop (mochi)- San Jose
Sogo Bakery - Various locations
Van's Bakery, San Jose:
Wilson's Jewel Bakery - Santa Clara


Harley Farms – Pescadero
Milk Pail - Mountain view


Barefoot Coffee Roasters – Santa Clara
Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company
Ten Ren Tea (SF and Milpitas)


Yeah, a gazillion Japanese, Korean, Indian, Eastern-Euro shops to be added. Given the South Bay, perhaps the Dragers and Whole Foods should be listed under ethnic and everything else just under markets ... or just skip the ethnic category totally.

99 Ranch Market
AG Ferrari, various locations (Italian)
HanKook Market (Korean -- Sunnyvale on El Camino)
Lion Market – various locations
Mi Pueblo, various locations
Mitsuwa, San Jose


Aptos Cerfified Farmers Market - Cabrillo College campus
Campbell Farmers Market
Los Gatos Farmers Market
Olson's Fruit Stand – Sunnyvale
Phipps Country Store and Farm - Pescadero
Sunnyvale Farmers Market


Cosentino's Market San Jose,Santa Clara
Country Sun Natural Foods - Palo Alto
Draeger's Supermarket
Gene's Fine Foods - Saratoga
Lunardi's Market - Los Gatos, San Jose
Milk Pail Market - Mountain View
Oakville Grocery - Stanford Shopping Center
Whole Foods - several locations


Chiaramonte's (sausages) Scroll down
Dittmer's Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus - Mtn. View
L & F Fish Market
Los Gatos Meats & Smokehouse
Race Street Foods (chicken, seafood)
Schaub's Meat- Palo Alto (scroll down)


San Jose Tofu Co.
Sogo Tofu (organic tofu) - San Jose


Koo-ki Sushi
Schurra's Candy
Are these guys still in business and any good?


Beltramos - Menlo Park CA
Are these guys still in business?

*** Edit Update on Jul 20, 11:30 PM with information from replies prior to that time.

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