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Food Shopping on Thanksgiving Eve?


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Food Shopping on Thanksgiving Eve?

givemecarbs | Nov 25, 2008 02:27 PM

Okay tomorrow is the biggest food shopping day of the year. How many of you waited until the last minute to do all your grocery shopping this year? And are any of you having to make a oopsie how did I leave this off the list run tomorrow? This year I am in the latter category. I forgot celery. Duh! And I want my string beans to be really fresh and beautiful. Hmm I guess there is a third category at least. How many of you got stuck with a last minute request from your host or hostess and thus are forced once more into the breech on this craziest of all vittles gathering days? One year I waited til wednesday to do the whole enchilada and I wished I had worn body armor. Saw a cart ram into another cart hard and almost hurt an innocent toddler passenger. Good luck to you all tomorrow and a tip of the hat to those who Plan Ahead or eat out. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow chowhounds!

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