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Food-service chips

C. Fox | May 3, 2002 12:33 PM

I'm thinking of the little bag of potato chips that comes with your takeout sandwich or box lunch. Sometimes it's just, you know, Lay's, or some local brand, but sometimes it's a bit more exotic. I became curious about this the other day when an unfamiliar brand appeared alongside my lobster roll. The specimen I have before me is a one-ounce package labelled "Chef Price E. Hunt (TM)", with a corny picture of a smiling guy sporting a huge chef's hat, neckerchief, and pencil mustache. The back says "Product of Canada", distributed by "JJ's Distributing, Inc." out of Billerica, Mass. (which is not far from me). The chips themselves were not bad, but nothing special; according to the package, they're simply cooked in cottonseed and/or canola oil and salted.

All this has given rise to several questions:

- Is anybody familiar with this brand? Is it more common in Canada? There is a review of their "Soul" flavored chip on, but that's all the info I could find on the Web.

- Does anybody have any information on the chip-distribution biz? How would an (apparently) obscure Canadian chip end up accompanying a sandwich in Massachusetts?

- Has anybody ever encountered a better-than-average chip in a similar context?

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