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food safety questions....

geminigirl | Nov 5, 201101:52 PM

so, I just had the most depressing time emptying out my fully stocked full sized freezer after the October snowstorm wiped out our electricity for almost a week...I am grateful to have power back, as I know many are still waiting...

So my questions are about a couple of things. I pack individual lunches and lots of stuff in tuperware containers, and obviously I am throwing out the food, but will the tuperware be okay or does that take on any contamination? Sorry if that's a dumb question I just want to be 100% sure because in all the food safety stuff I have been reading they never mention it (except for canning).

Also, it sounds like frozen fruit i've prepared at home, frozen blueberries, strawberries and cherries in frozen light sugar syrup, etc...will be okay to eat, but the quality will suffer. I don't know when the freezer hit 40 or for how long it sat at 40, but from what I read, the fruit can be re-ferozen. Again, just want to make sure....

Thanks for any feedback....my next posts will be about asking for advice on buying a generator and pressure canning...:)

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