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Food Safety Question

BobtheBigPig | Nov 19, 2007 07:25 PM

Wondering if the Chowhounds intelligentsia can settle a household food safety debate. My lovely wife, who has a healthy fear of food-borne illness, believes produce should be washed with dishwashing detergent before consuming. (She used to use bleach, but I talked her out of it.) I normally just use lots of water.

My contention is that vegetables and fruits are essentially porous. Put soap on them, and you're eating soap, even if you rinse it off. I can often taste soap residue when foods are washed in it, although perhaps it's just that they've been improperly rinsed.

The recent supermarket practice of waxing fruit does seem to lend credence to her side, and has spawned a host of food-washing products for its removal. (I find this a good reason to shop at a local farmers' market.)

She also continues to use bleach for washing dishes. I believe most of it rinses off plates and such, but I worry about it leaching into soft plastic containers (tupperware etc.) as well as her inhaling bleach fumes every day—might this negate the extra sterility afforded by the bleach?

Is she going overboard, or am I a reckless slob headed for salmonella? TIA for your insights!

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