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Food Processor and Stand Mixer

angelo04 | Aug 28, 2007 07:35 AM

My wife is taking a technical cooking class. It's the second part of a 6 class series. She needs a food processor and a stand mixer. I thought I'd surprise her before her class starts.

Stand Mixer - Seems based on my research KitchedAid hands down is the way to go. Where I get confused is, there’s the regular KitchenAId, then the Artisan series and then the professional series. What are fellow hounds using and what do you recommend I purchase.

Food Processor – CuisneArt is the name that comes to mind but it seems people are bad mouthing them lately on some of the product reviews I’ve checked. KitchenAid seems to get more favorable reviews. I’m thinking a 10 cup model would be appropriate. I've seens a food processor with a dough hook that seems to indicate we might be able to do without the stand mixer. Have a feeling that shouldn't be a consideration Any thoughts? I appreciate your input

Other info about us, we are a family of 4. When we entertain it is generally small dinner parties of 4-6 people. We are also good for a 15 person holiday gathering once a year. Ignorance is bliss as we have made out fine without these tools, though I have a feeling I’ll be eating those words when I purchase these for her.

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