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Food Processor - what size, what brand?

adamclyde | Feb 9, 200804:49 AM

OK, I've been reading a bunch threads for the past hour on this board over which brand of food processor is better - Kitchenaid or Cuisinart. It seems both have their adherents.

Before I get into which to get, I have a question about size. Which size should I get? I've assumed larger is better, since I want to breads and stuff. And that seems to be 12 cup capacity for Kitchenaid and 14 cup for Cuisinart. Would you recommend those sizes for those brands?

OK, now for the cuisinart v. kitchenaid battle. Here's what I've gleaned from reviews here and on amazon reviews:

Kitchenaid 12 cup. (750 with mini bowl)
From what I've read, I've seen three big issues:
1. a LOT of folks on amazon seem to have complained that they've had a blade fuse to the base, making it inoperable (seems to be mostly common with shredding disc). If this is a common problem, clearly, this is deal breaker.
2. it spews liquid all over - even if there isn't a lot of liquid in the bowl
3. using the mini bowls often gets the larger bowls dirty as the liquid spews into the larger ones, requiring all to be cleaned.

Cuisinart 14 cup
1. The bowl lid after a while becomes difficult to remove
2. The safety feature on the feed tube is cumbersome as the stopper has to be in the feed tube while running
3. Quality has dropped significantly and customer service is spotty

Do these sync with what you've found? What are your recommendations? And what size should I get?

And, in all of this, keep in mind that I'd like to keep my final price under $200. Preferably significantly under $200.

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