Food Processor for chopping cabbage


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Food Processor for chopping cabbage

dixiegal | May 14, 2013 09:07 AM

I am thinking about getting a food processor. I have always been content just to chop my food up with a knife and cutting board. But for large quantities, I am thinking I might like a food processor.
I am about to embark on a new journey of making my own raw sauerkraut. So I will be chopping up lots of cabbage and maybe some other things. I thought about one of those big, old fashioned cabbage shredders, but I really like my kraut chopped better. Besides, where does one keep one of those gigantic shredders? I could hang it on the wall. They do look kinda cool and rustic.

So, what are some suggestions for food processors. Seems there are mixed reviews on all of them. Especially the less than 200.00 and under ones. Some of the complaints sounds like the users are expecting a lot out of them. Like bread dough. I am thinking that is best done with a good mixer. Or liquid. That would be best done with a blender. I just want to slice and chop. I have a blender for grinding and liquefying.

Then I will be looking for a stone crock for fermenting..............

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