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Food prank -- pulled on you or by you


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Food prank -- pulled on you or by you

ML8000 | Jan 9, 2007 12:25 AM

What's the funniest or weirdest food prank -- pulled on you or by you? And was there a point or lesson behind it?

Beyond the usual highs school stuff of salting a friend's sandwich, or putting dirt in it, the best I remember was thin fishing line in a jello mold (brother's idea) and serving spaghetti-Os as the first course of "nice" dinner for a semi-snotty GF.

The fishing line just made my Mom mad. The GF knew I was a decent cook and was looking forward to I plated spaghetti-Os on a salad and said the first course was pasta salad. Hate to say it but it was worth it, her being really polite about it and asking questions until she finally asked, "are we really having that?" Yes, I served a real meal after that. She was a sport about it.

Pranks pulled on me? None needed. I'm the king of foreign objects in my food and there will 5 minutes of rolling on the ground laughing if I'm around my family.

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