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Food Overnight in Sealed Container. Ok to Eat?


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Food Overnight in Sealed Container. Ok to Eat?

rrasco | Feb 21, 2011 03:50 PM

I left some hamburger helper out overnight and I put it in the fridge when I got up this morning. Is it okay to eat?

First off, I'm here because google brought me here when I searched that very question and witnessed some detailed discussion about the topic. However, I have a twist to my question. The food I left out was in a sealed tupperware container. Most of the discussion I read referred to airborne bacteria, gently dismissing the idea for another medium of contamination, wouldn't the food be safe to eat because it was sealed?

Secondly, I have another question. Typically, if I leave food out, it's because I already cleaned up the kitchen and put the food into sealed containers. However, I have been told that putting hot food in the fridge will cause it to spoil. I always had assumed it had to do with the trapped moisture. Since hearing this, I typically leave food on the counter until it cools. In the event of a night like my last, I fall asleep and forget. Opinions on this?

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