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Food Odors at Work

cayjohan | May 14, 2007 12:25 AM

We cook a lot. And we cook fragrant ethnic foods a lot. The Hub brings leftovers in to work to reheat in the lunchroom. Most ethnic spices *smell* considerably more than the Healthy Choice frozen dinners or deli-ham-and-cheese-prewrapped-sandwiches brought in by many (*ahem* most) of his coworkers. Some coworkers complain to Hub about the lingering odors of saffron or piri-piri or kaffir lime or the like. Hub does get a little paranoid because microwavable chicken noodle soup or a Big Mac could satisfy him, but he doesn't want to give up his homecooked meals.

So. What to do? Do any CHs have the problem of workplace lunchtime "odors" being an issue? I have worked in offices that have outlawed microwave popcorn, simply because of the smell that wafts over the cubicles. Are food odors a problem in the workplace? And what do you do about it if they are? So curious.

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