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Food Network Blurb..EAT LESS MEAT

sommrluv | Apr 30, 200812:53 PM

I kid you not.

I looked up during a commercial and saw it as a "eating green tip" and it flashed by...I had to look it up on their website.


12. Eat less meat.
It takes much more energy, water and resources to produce a pound of meat, than a pound of grain or produce.

Am I weird to be a little shocked by this? I have friends that are vegans and vegetarians, but they are friendly ones. I have come across my fair share of what I would call "militant" vegetarians lately...people who have an agenda to abolish the world of meateaters...while I think it would be odd...and a money losing strategy for the food network to support such a position, it surprised me to see it there.

Free range, grass fed meats are plentiful around here, and don't have to cost an arm and a leg..same with chicken, even pork can be raised with minimal grain (nuts, whey, etc) now.

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