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I need Food Media opinions


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I need Food Media opinions

jhopp217 | Jul 20, 2010 07:42 AM

About a year ago I dropped all my cable services to save money. I was always at my girlfriend's house and we always watched TV there, so why pay for cable. Well we broke up and I never reconnected. It's been about a nine months since I last watched Food Network, Travel Channel or Top Chef. I do miss some of the shows, but towards the end of my viewing Food Network seemed like it had six or seven shows in a loop every week. Top Chef had gotten a little mundane and Man vs Food had gotten a little silly. The only show I really miss was Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.

So here's my question...have any of the shows/networks stepped it up? I don't know if it's worth paying $80 instead of $35 for cable to watch Ina Garten and Rachel Ray six times a day! What's your opinion?

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