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What food do you long for but can't find/recreate?


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What food do you long for but can't find/recreate?

prolix | Mar 1, 2013 09:27 AM

Mine is döner kebab, the way they're made in Berlin street stands. Whenever I've ordered items billed as döner in New York, they've erred on the side of shawarma, incorporating hummus, tahini sauce, tabbouleh, pita, etc. Still good! Just not quite what I'm looking for, you know? I pine for the crispy-outside-fluffy-inside flatbread full of crisp-edged spiced, shaved meat, cabbage, onion, tomato, cucumber, and Knoblochsöße. I was recently in Istanbul, and got all psyched for döner only to discover that my ideal döner is Germanized—neither the original nor the American version gives me the döner of my dreams. I have considered building a giant spit and making my own meat cones, but haven't actually tried it yet, because...crazy, and high-volume. I've basically given up hope and will just have to wait until I'm back in Germany one day.

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