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Food items that think they represent where you live . . .


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Food items that think they represent where you live . . .

Altarbo | Jul 14, 2011 11:48 AM

I bit into a crunchy potato chip. It was quite hot with notes of vinegar. I complained to my sweetheart that there was no parsley flavour, and she picked on me mercilessly. "Robby, most people think Cajun just means hot. The chips are supposed to be hot. Would you like sip of this?"

"No, I'd like the chips to taste like parsley and bell peppers," I pouted.

I protested that there wasn't even any onion. I don't eat potato chips often so I had to ask, "A lot potato chips have onion powder right? Anything with a roux has onions, so wouldn't it be appropriate to you know put onion flavour into the chips?"

She still tells people this story. The time Robby chomped a "cajun" potato chip and thought it would taste like parsley.

What mass produced foods shockingly misrepresent your local cuisine?

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