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How to keep food hot *and* crisp between grilling and serving?

damian | Jan 21, 201201:44 AM

I'm becoming obsessed with grilling, but I'm having a problem: I have a small grill, so I have to cook the food in many rounds. And my small-but-amazingly-powerful Solaire Everywhere Infrared Grill has no warming rack. Furthermore, since it's cold and rainy outside, I need to bring the food inside to eat after grilling. In the meantime, the food invariably gets either cold or soggy. I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out how to keep the food hot *and* crisp.

I'm grilling steak of veggies. If I tent the steak and veggies with aluminum foil and vented sides, they stay crisp, but they get cold. If I insulate them using any materials that completely cover the food, the food remains hot but gets soggy (presumably from the steam that the food emits). And if I vent the foil only a little, then I end up with lukewarm, slightly-less-soggy food, which is also not good.

I think I read that steakhouses use heat lamps prior to serving, but I'm not sure how that would work if I'm transporting food in the rain on a gravel pathway from my deck to my apartment, with no electrical outlets by the grill.

I've also looked into cordless warming trays/buffet servers (e.g., http://www.amazon.com/Toastess-TWB454... ), but I suspect that these will either let the top of the food get cold (with no lid) or steam the food (with lid on).

I'm open to the possibility of a propane heater, but I can only find propane heaters that angle either up or sideways, not down, so I don't see how that could work.

So I currently have no solution, and am desperate for hot, crisp, grilled meat and veggies. Any suggestions?

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