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Food that CAN'T be made at home?


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Food that CAN'T be made at home?

JugglerDave | Apr 12, 2006 11:41 AM

I was reading an article on rice krispies and other puffed cereals, where they steam the grains with water and shoot the cereal from a gun under 200PSI to create the 'puff'.

This got me wondering -- what foods are there that just can't be made in a home kitchen, due to the processing (not due to weird industrial ingredients).

I would think a bunch of the snack foods, like cheetos, are similar.

Besides extremes in high/low pressure and pressure changes, and high/low temperature and temperature shocks, what else would make a food not able to be made in your kitchen?


p.s. because this is food that can't be made at home, I thought it more appropriate here than "Home Cooking"

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