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Food guilt - do you get it and what do you do about it?

Elster | Jun 29, 201202:08 AM

I'm a guilty person - it's a reflex, I'll feel remorse even if I step on a mosquito or shower for half a minute longer than usual (how dare I damage the environment like that!). But worst is with food. There are so many things to feel guilty about: is it locally sourced? Is it seasonal? Is it meat? Is it healthy? Is it calorific? Even fattening? Is it processed? High salt? Is it (gasp) CARBOHYDRATES?? It's impossible to eat anything without being certain that there's something wrong about it. It's becoming vaguely tortuous. Do any other Chowhounds get chronic food guilt? Do you find it changes the choices you make about what and how you eat? And how do you manage it or even manage to avoid it, if you are a fellow sufferer?

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